Doggy Style is a form of rear entry sex position where the receiving partner faces away from their partner, usually on their hands and knees. With vaginal sex, the rear entry provides for deeper penetration and stimulation of the G-spot, however, a lot of women complain about pain in this position.

While much of the heavy lifting and thrusting from the hips is performed by the giving partner, the receiving partner can kick it up a notch by wiggling and bouncing back against the giver’s penis.

What can you do if this position feels too deep and/or painful?

Here are a few tips to help you achieve painless doggy:

1. Start with foreplay.

If you’ve attempted doggy-style sex and found it either uncomfortable or painful — especially if this is something you usually don’t experience with other sex positions — it’s possibly because your body hasn’t prepared for it.

Doggy is a deep and often intense position, even if your partner has an average size penis, so you may need a little more time to get excited.

Spend time in foreplay by touching, licking, sucking and exploring various erogenous zone to help build arousal.

2. Change the movement/thrusting pace.

Check the thrusting pace and depth of thrusts, if you feel pain. Try shallow thrust if deep thrusts feel painful for you.

3. Take control from the front.

Instead of having your partner take full control from behind, take some control and thrust as it feels good for you from the front. This helps you also control the depth and speed.


4. Go vertical

The standard doggy-style setup where you kneel on all fours can feel fantastic, but after a while, your knees may begin to hurt. Some women complain about sore knees, or neck/back pain. You can fix it by getting up on your feet. Stand up and lean slightly toward a wall, or bend over to a table or a desk.

5. Go Horizontal

Transitioning from kneeling to lying down can also take the pressure of your knees and change the angle of penetration. Plus, the added advantage of your bodies close together can bring more intimacy to this position. Putting a pillow under your hip as the receiving partner is also great for comfort.

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