Personalized Sex Coaching

  • The woman who is ready to enjoy her Sensuality and open up to the most Amazing Sexual chapter of her life, while being guided by Africa’s finest Sex Therapist
  • The woman who wants her Man to DESIRE HER LIKE NEVER BEFORE.
  • The Woman who is READY TO EMBRACE HER SENSUALITY and enjoy the euphoria of Sexual Pleasure, Intimate Connection, Orgasmic Bliss and Irresistible Chemistry between herself and her Man.
  • The Woman who wants to improve her Sexual Creativity, equip herself with Sexual Knowledge, Know-How and Techniques to Improve her Sexual Experience and Pleasure, while being guided directly by me.
Working with me AUTOMATICALLY means that asides Sex Coaching, you get access to therapy sessions as well.
You can rest assured knowing you are in a safe space to shed YOUR psychological, emotional, mental and sexual baggage and open up to Receiving, Giving and Enjoying Sex that is Erotic, Sensual and Exciting for You.
A safe space that helps you shed your inhibitions and unapologetically unleash Your Sexual Desires. 
In this package, I practically hold your hands and help you on your journey to becoming the Sexually Confident and Fulfilled Lover you desire to be.
This PREMIUM Personalized Sex Coaching Program is for the Woman who prefers Personalized Sex Coaching to achieve her Sexual Goals.

This program is tailored to suit the Sexual need of the individual.

This Sex Coaching package will:

    • Teach you how to build your confidence as a lover
    • Help you rediscover your Sensuality and Make the best of it
    • Open you up to full body pleasure and mind blowing orgasmic pleasure
    • Teach you how to Improve Sexual Creativity
    • Teach you Sexual skills and techniques to step up your game and heat up the sheets
    • Provide you with an accountability partner to follow up on your progress and help you stay on track.
    • Help you elevate sexual intimacy in your Marriage from Routine to Amazing.   

How does it work?
This is a PREMIUM personalized 8/12 week program tailored specifically to suit the individual need of the client.

Contains Practical tasks

One on One sessions every other week

Weekly follow up for feedback and Accountability

Coaching is a mixture of both physical and online sessions. (Online only for clients outside Lagos, Nigeria)

Who is it for?
The personalized Sex Coaching is for Women

What does it cost?
This Package Costs $750 for 8 weeks and $1,000 for 12 weeks.

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Prefer to learn via our Self paced Online Sex Coaching courses?

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