Why Your Marriage Needs A Filter


Today, I tried doing the laundry but for some reason, the washing machine refused to work.

Its display screen showed a command that meant water was unable to flow into the machine via the pipes. I tried everything I knew to, but nothing worked and so I called the plumber.

The plumber checked the pipes and discovered that some dirt had made its way into the pipe and blocked the filter so water couldn’t make it into the machine.

He got to work, fixed it and everything started working fine.

Why am I telling you this?

The incident with my washing machine got me thinking. If there had been no filter on the pipe that relayed water into the machine, every manner of dirt would have made its way into the machine and eventually damaged it!!

That machine is pretty much like our mind and I will relate this to marriage.

Does your mind have a filter? Or do you allow just about anything access to your mind?

Have the wrong things gained access to your mind and as a result negatively impacted your marriage?

The advice that says “Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it comes the wellspring of life” is no joke!!!

What nonsense have you dumped into your marriage as a result of not having a filter?

You receive nude pictures from a guy or lady and rather than cut off such contact, you keep them and say it has no effect on you.

You entertain friends that feed you with all manner of bad advice and you replicate them in your marriage.

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You get inappropriate attention from a certain person and rather than draw the line, you believe you are mature enough to deal with it.

It’s only a matter of time before all that garbage destroys your marriage because by granting them access, what you have done is invite the enemy to dine with you.

If something is precious to you, it should be guarded jealously.

If your marriage is important to you, guard it !

Get a filter on your mind, heart, eyes, ears and wherever else it is needed to guard your marriage.

If the technicians that designed the washing machine are smart enough to keep dirt from getting into the machine with a filter, you should be smart enough to design your mind with a filter in order to keep garbage from getting in.

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The author olawunmiesan

Olawunmi Esan is a Sex Therapist and Coach who helps Married Couples take Sexual Intimacy from Routine to Mond-Blowing.