Most women don’t take time to pleasure the penis. They tend to have a “straight to the point, let’s get down to business” approach when it comes to handling the penis but trust me, your man will love some penile teasing.

So the next time you are with your man, spend time in the penis play and getting to know every inch of his cock.


Run your hands up and down and squeeze firmly but gently then let it go- watch how it pulsates.

Your hands are important. Rough hands don’t make for great penis play as they can be painful and that’s a turn off for your man.

So make sure your hands are soft and smooth so they provide maximum pleasure.

Use lubricants or natural oils to stroke your man. Saliva tends to dry out fast, so it’s not the best option for penis play.

As you caress his penis, you may notice his pre-cum. Use it! Touch it with a fingertip and then slowly trace your fingertip around the head of his penis spreading his pre-cum across it, thereby making the sensations from your fingertips even more intense.

The longer you build up to foreplay, the more likely your man will start producing pre-cum.

Take it further by wrapping your fingers around the shaft. Your pinky should be close to his balls while your index finger should be closest to the top of his penis. Slowly stroke him up and down with your hand as you normally would.


While stroking him in an upward and downward movement, rub your thumb over the head of his penis. This means that your fingers will perform the standard up and down hand job technique, while your thumb is focused on pleasuring the top of his penis.


Licking his penis is a great way to pleasure him. It builds even more sexual tension and you’ll have him begging you for more.

You’ll find that licking him from the base to the tip creates sweet sensations. Gently tease the tip of his penis with your tongue. The tip of your man’s penis (the glans) is the most sensitive spot on his penis.

You can also stimulate the penis by kissing and teasing it. While holding his penis firmly in one or both hands, start making a slow circular motion with your tongue around his penis. Change direction and speed as you kiss and tease to add some spice. You can also stroke his balls gently while your mouth performs magic on his penis.

The point is to explore him in fun and stimulating ways before going to intercourse. It makes for a more memorable intimate experience

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