Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve or sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. ED can result from a myriad of factors ranging from physiological to social and psychological factors

However, it is also a problem that can trigger a lot of tension in relationships. Erectile dysfunction is a couple’s issues because it affects both partners in a relationship.

When clients come to me with issues around erectile dysfunction, they often show a lot of guilt because they feel ED is a personal problem and should be borne solely by them even if they’re married. They see their inability to sustain or achieve an erection as an individual weakness they need to “correct” themselves.

ED is an issue that affects a couple’s sex life and from my experience as a couple and sex therapist, married clients who have the support of their partners have higher and faster success rates that clients whose partners offer no support. This is not to say there can’t be success without a partner’s support as psycho-sexual treatment for ED (and any other sexual dysfunction, as a matter of fact) can either be individual or couple focused. The point being made here is this, Performance anxiety is a common culprit in sexual dysfunction and individuals with unsupportive partners may experience higher levels of performance anxiety, thereby making progress difficult.

When couples come to seek a solution to erectile dysfunction, I help them understand the importance of a synergized approach to resolving ED. I take a pleasure centered approach to resolving ED that helps them recognize the amazing possibilities for great Sex they have, even while resolving the issue. I also help them deepen their emotional intimacy, and extend their sexual tool kits. All these contribute to better and more fulfilling sex for both partners.


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