Many people still see fantasies as a taboo. Engaging the mind in sexual thoughts about their partner still feels dirty to some people.

Perhaps because of how decadent the word ‘FANTASY’ sounds. (I love that word by the way). Most people think fantasies have to involve something dirty, forbidden, uncomfortable and way out of their league.

The word fantasy means “imagination unrestricted by reality“. You can imagine WHATEVER appeals to you and be unrestricted by reality.

In actual fact, this is how visualization works. When you create vision boards and visualize what you want for your life, business or future without restrictions of reality. You are fantasizing! 

Why should your Sex life be any different? 

Whether you are fantasizing about how you want to give your man snake in the monkey shadow sex style after work or how you want to surprise your wife next week by arranging an lunch hour afternoon delight in a hotel close to her office or even fantasizing about how you want to keep enjoying hot sex with your spouse till you are both old and grey, using fantasies can be very good for your Sex life.

They create excitement, build anticipation and keep you in warm mode for intimacy. 

So release your inhibitions and fantasize/visualize what you desire your Sex life to be, and FOLLOW THROUGH!!

You control your fantasies. Not all fantasies have to involve cat woman leather outfits, horsewhip and ata rodo. Hahaha

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