About Me

Hi, I am Olawunmi Esan, Nigeria’s leading Sex Therapist and Coach. I help married couples take Sexual Intimacy from Routine to Mind Blowing. I am also the author of the groundbreaking Urban Arousal, an erotic e-book series for Couples.

Why did I choose to explore this field?

First and foremost because God led me to.

However, other factors did come into play.

It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people see marriage as where Intimacy, Sex and Romance go to die. And I am sure that it is no news that lack of intimacy and Sexual Fulfillment is one of the leading causes of divorce.

The need for intimacy is a basic human need that cannot totally suppressed and if those needs are not met in a marriage, they are bound to be met elsewhere.

Marriage was created for Companionship, Love, Romance, Enjoyment, Sexual fulfillment, Comfort and so many other beautiful reasons. Unfortunately, marriage has been re-purposed by many.

No matter how busy we are as human beings, our basic need for intimate connection still exists and once a marriage cannot provide that connection, the purpose of such marriage is called to question.

My desire is to help married couples understand that the Intimacy and Sexual fulfillment they seek can be found with each other. I also want to help couples understand that being great at Sex does not require a special calling or skill. No one was born being great at Sex! It can be learned by anyone who shows interest.

Other aspects of my services include:

  • Sex Counselling for Engaged Couples
  • Psychological Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
  • Sexual Trauma and Abuse Recovery
  • Sex Addiction Recovery

To work with me, please go through MY SERVICES and let me know how best I can be of help to you.

God Bless,